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Penijean with Dessa and the Minnesota Orchestra, April 2017


Penijean Gracefire

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Penijean is a neural frequency analyst and published author who rides motorcycles, drinks tea, and designs therapeutic interventions using 3D brain imaging technology.

As a licensed mental health clinician, she specializes in integrating experiential narrative with measurable electrophysiology to create new feedback loops which alter EEG patterns.

Recent projects include investigating brain patterns associated with heartbreak and designing brain protocols to help increase resiliency in romantic relationships.

Penijean develops educational programs and clinical resources based on her groundbreaking work in the real-time neural dynamics of recovery and resiliency. Her passions include spectral analysis, donuts, and taking things apart to see how they work.




Individual Therapy Sessions

Looking for a therapist who is insightful, kind and solution-focused?

Penijean brings a nuanced, attentive perspective to her one-on-one sessions, creating a judgement free space in which you can feel comfortable sharing sensitive issues and expect to receive thoughtful, practical feedback.

Chat, phone and video conferencing options are available upon request.


Clinician Care

  • develop better strategies for difficult, overwhelming, complicated cases
  • cope more effectively with clinical overload, anxiety, and burn out
  • manage emotional stress related to clients or daily working conditions
  • increase the accuracy of your initial assessment capabilities
  • fine tune your capacity for subtle observation and analysis
  • learn to interpret mental health concerns through the lens of neurophysiology
  • create treatment plans that include ruling out or addressing physical variables that impact cognitive function

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Research and Program Design

Penijean is a knowledgeable, perceptive consultant who specializes in designing effective EEG biofeedback protocols and adapting the principles of quantitative EEG for innovative clinical applications.

Her project history includes

  • TBI and PTSD research designs for the Dept of Defense
  • Workflow design for over a hundred clinics
  • Co-writing grant applications
  • Creating educational modules for continuing education
  • Collaborating with professional teams to design both treatment programs and research initiatives for
    • substance abuse and addictions, anxiety, OCD
    • attentional and learning challenges, autism
    • acute, chronic and complex trauma
    • behavioral management, bullying and compulsive internet use in children and adolescents
  • Exceptional performance program designs for musicians, dancers, competitive athletes, drivers, and motorcyclists

Neurofeedback Education


Public Speaking

An experienced presenter, Penijean's speaking style is relaxed and humorous, helping to set her audience at ease, even when engaging with challenging material. 

She can flexibly engage a crowd, adapt on the fly to questions, and encourages discussion and participation.

While she primarily accepts invitations to speak at conferences, universities and workshops, she did agree one time to be the main event at a bat mitzvah. 

She regrets nothing.


Neurofeedback for Beginners

Are you intimidated by new technology? Stressed out trying to learn modern computer skills? Overwhelmed by all the different equipment options?

Penijean remembers how it felt when she was a beginner and this is why she specializes in patient, reassuring instruction for clinicians adding neurofeedback to their practice.

She offers both individual and group education, and as well as online sessions for the busy professional.



BCIA Mentoring

Looking for a skilled mentor to complete your hours for BCIA certification? Penijean is uniquely qualified to help you

She created the first BCIA didactic program that included instruction on qEEG, Z-score feedback and sLORETA training, shifting the industry approach to educating clinicians. Her material is currently being taught worldwide.

 She has over twenty thousand hours of experience and is commited to adapting your mentoring sessions to fit your specific educational needs.

Learn to analyze qeeg brain maps


Known for her comprehensive, clinically oriented method of qEEG analysis, Penijean has a distinctive ability to make both the science and the art behind brain maps accessible to all.

An enthusiastic dataphile, she enjoys introducing clinicians to the world where frequencies and neurophysiology intersect, allowing us to observe the real time networks underlying cognitive function and emotional resiliency.

Quantitative EEG as an assessment tool contains a wealth of information for clinicians and researchers which, when compared to other imaging technology, is an unparalleled combination of sensitivity, portability and economy.

Whether you are looking to get a map of your own brain, schedule a consult to analyze data you already have, or set up time to learn how to read maps yourself, Penijean can help you make sense out of all those colors and squiggles.